It was announced Tuesday morning that city council will start the exploration of a “Storm Drain Force” to deal with frozen drains that have caused problems for the city during the last week.

“We were really inspired by the mayor getting outside during the storm last weekend to unclog local drains, and now we want a full time department to deal with them. They’ll have really cool uniforms to keep them warm, and a super cool logo! Almost like a sports team we can all be proud of,” said one representative close to the situation.

The “Storm Drain Force”, as it’s being dubbed, will have duties that have not been set in stone quite yet, but councilors believe their presence would be known immediately.

“Imagine if we had some kind of department whose job it would be to clear the streets and drains of all that debris?! I would absolutely love to pay someone to do that! We could even employ a sector of this department to fix damaged roads!” said the representative.

Citizens fully back the “Storm Drain Force” and believe they would have a lot of work to do.

“I think anyone who is willing to get out in the middle of the storm to clear clogged drains deserves a paid position. Maybe we could budget for this type of employee for the city? I’m not really sure how all that budgeting works, but if we have people out cutting trees and cutting grass, we should have someone clearing drains that are clogged,” said one local citizen we spoke with.

Sioux Falls will see more drains clogged later this week, so good luck with the flooding.

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Adam K. White