While the tournament doesn’t start until Saturday, a press release that was sent out early Thursday claims that the school is surprised other teams are even going to show up to play.

“We’re the champions, we’ve been the champions, and we’ll always be the champions. We’re very surprised that other teams are even going to bother coming to Sioux Falls to try and play us, honestly. It’s very humbling, but at the same time, why?” said the press release.

With Mike Daum and Macy Miller literally dominating everything in sight, South Dakota State remains the favorite heading into the tournament.

“The Mike-Macy one-two punch that we have here, it’s going to be a fun tournament all the way to the big show! We feel our teams and our fans are going to carry us all the way to our big first victory against the big-time schools!” said one representative close to the teams.

Sioux Falls is still lacking in a relevant school that could even come close to getting into a big time tournament, and South Dakota State can’t wait for more easy wins.

“With Sioux Falls schools wanting to be Division I, we believe it’ll be more easy games on our schedule. We welcome any kind of competition they put up, though!” said the representative.

USD remains forgotten in sports but wanted me to remind everyone they have programs still.

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Adam K. White