It looks like March Madness has come to the Sanford Sports Complex!

“We’re ready to open tomorrow under the Blue Rock Bar and Grill name, but what we are really looking forward to is the re-brand next week to a new name and new menu. It’s going to be an absolute crazy way to go straight into March Madness for our customers!” said one representative close to the situation.

While no big details or names have been thrown out for the re-brand next week, we’re starting to get the idea it will probably be sports themed.

“It’s going to be a sports themed bar and grill with a totally new menu from Brady’s, Will’s, and Blue Rock. It’s totally going to have super sweet burgers, fries, and sports, very unlike its predecessors! We’re very excited for customers to experience the re-brand next week after we leave Blue Rock in the past,” said the representative.

We’ve received no word on how long the re-brand set for next week will last.

“We’re really not sure. Blue Rock is going to last about a weekend until the re-brand happens. We’re hoping it lasts through summer, but who knows? That’s the beauty of re-branding so often and so quickly!” said the representative.

Blue Rock Bar and Grill is set to open tomorrow, March 1st.

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