A local entrepreneur has released plans for his take on the African Safari in Sioux Falls!

“I was recently in Africa and found the roads there to be almost incomplete, just like Sioux Falls. Besides the animals on the Safari trek, I believe tourists that visit Sioux Falls would love to experience the full, bumpy ride of an African Safari in Sioux Falls!” said the owner of Sioux Falls Safari Rides.

The man plans to open up business right away to capitalize on road conditions in the city.

“Well, we want to start booking right away. The roads are the worst I’ve seen in years, and I’ve heard a lot of people have had their cars in for repair from the record number of potholes we have right now. This means business will begin with a bang!” said the owner.

While the owner doesn’t have any kind of immediate plans for side attractions, he does believe he could take detours stopping by the Great Plains Zoo to fulfill the wild side of tourists.

“I haven’t reached out to the zoo yet, but I believe if I were to bring customers to their front door, they would be game. Maybe my tour could even drive through certain parts of the African animal’s section! They would have to break up the path a little bit to get full Sioux Falls/African Safari bumpiness, though,” said the owner.

We plan on signing up as soon as registration opens.

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Adam K. White