A new petition started over the weekend has gained mass amount of steam headed into Monday.

“Every time I drive down Minnesota, I think about driving on that cheese with a bunch of holes in it, you know? When I started this petition, I thought I was pretty funny, but it seems like a lot of other people thought it was a really good idea and signed it,” said the man who started the petition.

Citizens are reported to attribute 2-4 of their car problems to Minnesota Avenue after hitting mass amount of unfixed potholes during the year.

“Last year I brought my car in to the mechanic about 3 times after driving down Minnesota. It’s absolutely crazy that a street like that continues to go untouched by the city. I guess they’re more focused on building parking spots for hotels or something,” said one driver we spoke with.

Many drivers believe potholes are worse on the streets than Iowan drivers, as well.

“At least I can go around an Iowan driver. Have you been down Minnesota lately? It’s like it got hit by bombshells in World War II and no one bothered to fix it,” said another driver we spoke with.

The city has not commented on the petition yet, but we believe they will ignore it just like the potholes on Minnesota Avenue.

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