A local Sioux Falls man is determined to be the area’s first “flamethrower
snow removal” business.

“I believe it’s not only going to be a profitable company, I believe it’s going to be quite a show for people to watch. It’s the area’s first business of its type and I couldn’t be more excited for more large snow storms, so I can get out there and melt it with the company flamethrower,” said the founder.

Not everyone is stoked like the founder about this business, though.

“We have major concerns, not only about this man’s sanity, but the nature
of his business. He has not passed any type of flamethrowing courses or
even spoken to us about how he will go about extinguishing any fires that
may be caused by his flamethrowers,” said one representative from the Sioux Falls Fire Department we spoke with.

The man believes his business will spur growth in the field of snow removal and plans to expand the business when spring and summer come around.

“Looking forward to spring and summer, I believe the flamethrowers would really benefit people who are too busy to mow their lawns. It’s quick, easy, and very cheap to burn the yard up for a couple of minutes!” said the founder.

No word on how many customers have lined up for the service yet.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White