Sioux Falls citizens are confused as to how they live on the flattest place
ever, but still manage to get stuck going up street hills when it snows.

“For real, though. How does that work? East river South Dakota is flat as hell, yet I get stuck on that hill going up Minnesota by the police station every single time. It’s like they pop up when it snows just to mess with drivers!” said one citizen we spoke with who was pushing their car up a hill.

There is no scientific evidence that hills can pop up only when it snows,
but that’s not keeping down skeptical conspiracy theorists from chiming in.

“The government has controls road shape shifting that normal citizens don’t know about. It’s all a ploy for them to sell us more gripped tires! Living on ‘The Great Plains’ and the government thinks we don’t know what’s going on when they push the terrain raising buttons,” said one local skeptic we spoke with.

The skeptics seems to be gaining some steam behind their theories with people backing up their arguments via annoying Facebook posts.

“Seriously got stuck on Minnesota by the police department AGAIN! I’m almost positive the government is messing with me and making that hill
super steep before I drive on it!” said one Facebook post earlier today.

Hills continue popping up all over the city today.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White