Former Mayor Huether revealed plans early Wednesday morning that he planned to buy the lot where the former McKennan “Monster House” sat and build a statue of himself.

“It’s really a great allusion to my time as mayor. I was an absolute monster when I was there, but like in a good way. Now I’m gone and I think the statue will really show that to people and remind them of all the good things that happened while I was in office,” said the statement.

The city has issued no word on if the statue will be a part of their tourism plans for downtown.

“We’re still working hard on 5-10 more mixed use buildings as a part of our tourism plan. Right now, the statue is not part of those plans, but things can change. We’re looking into a mixed use statue law at the moment,” said a statement from the city.

McKennan Park citizens remain skeptical on how exactly the statue will look or who will be paying for it, as anonymous letters were sent to residents asking for donations.

“No, no, no. I’m not paying for anymore Huether projects. We already paid enough for his dream projects. No more money from me, sorry!” said one local McKennan Park resident we spoke with.

This is a developing story. Plan to pay a couple cents to read the updated article, suckers.

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Adam K. White