A local couple is fuming after they left an above average tip for their waitress at Shenanigans this past weekend.

“We left over 15% and not one news story about us. I guess the media is
just focused on bad news nowadays and doesn’t even care about the good in people. We’re very upset at how this was handled by both the restaurant and the media. Not one tweet,” said the couple who left an above average tip for their waitress.

After experiencing the denial of their story by the media, the local couple
has decided to start tipping just average from now on.

“I think we’re just going to leave the standard 15% from now on. If we’re
not going to be on the news for being good people and tipping above that,
why even do it? We’re not going to spend extra money if we don’t get the
headlines, you know?” said the couple.

A story caught fire yesterday on social media after Shenanigans tweeted a
picture of a receipt and tip left that was well below the average 15% with
some naughty language attached to it.

“Tipping is how these waiters and waitresses make their money. To be a jerk to them after good service and good food is just downright idiotic. We had to take action and right this wrong!” said one representative we spoke with close to the situation

Shenanigans did not return our calls about the above average tipping couple.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White