It’s an unusual circumstance that Sioux Falls rarely sees, but Monday
morning many meteorologists in the area have forecasted a negative amount of snowfall.

“What this means is that a lot of people are throwing what snow we have, back up at the clouds. It’s kind of weird, but every now and then we see it from frustrated people who really like snow. They want more snow, but also throw snowballs at the clouds in frustration,” said one meteorologist we spoke with.

Above average temperatures are likely to blame for the negative snowfall forecasts.

“We’ve seen above average temperatures this winter, including some fits of rainfall in December. That really took a toll on the amount of snowfall that could have easily fallen. We’re still in the trenches of winter
though! Never underestimate Mother Nature!” said the meteorologist.

Citizens who gathered to throw snowballs at the clouds out of frustration have begun picketing outside many meteorologist’s houses in demands that they start forecasting snow in the 7-day outlooks.

“We really need snow. It’s now or never. We don’t want to get to April and May and then have all of the snow that should be coming down now, come down. We’ve seen it time and timw again, and we’re tired of getting annihilated in the spring months when we should be nice and warm!” said one protester we spoke with.

No snow – no problem for many citizens.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White