After Sanford helicopters were sent to save a golf tournament last year, the healthcare provider felt they could help in many other ways around the
city. Sadly, they were not dispatched quick enough to help with the Elmwood Golf Course fire.

“It’s really a shame our helicopters weren’t called to help with the golf
course fire yesterday. Everyone saw what we could do against rain, so it’s
only natural we would be able to combat fires, as well,” said one Sanford representative we spoke with.

While it’s not reported what started the fire yesterday, many have started
conspiracy theories.

“I believe it was the old contractor whose bid was denied recently. He’s
super mad at the city and the golf course. He definitely could have done
it. Other than that, Sioux Falls has a lot of people who really dislike golf! Any one of those citizens could have easily done it!” said one local conspiracy theorist we spoke with.

Sanford has also offered to have their helicopters sit over major roads during snowstorms to help with dusting off stoplights.

“We totally get that the city wants to save money with bulbs that don’t get
hot. This is why we’ve offered a lucrative contract to the city! We’ve also offered to donate money to the city, so that we secure the contract like Journey Construction did with the new school!” said the Sanford representative.

No rental rates have been released by Sanford for their helicopters yet.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White