Several Sioux Falls City Councilors quietly fired their pets Tuesday morning, after an Anti-Nepotism bill was filed in the South Dakota Senate.

“It’s really a shame, because Pooky, my dog, has been such a good city
employee for us for a long time. We never paid him more than a couple
thousand dollars a month! Now he’s out of a job and you can bet your ass
unemployment in the pet industry is going to rise!” said one anonymous city councilor we spoke with.

Many citizens have no idea was the bill actually focuses on, but they’re
not sure why their tax money was going to pay for things that never helped the city.

“I mean, I would much rather pay a dog to be cute at city hall, than give
any more shady mixed-use building contracts out. I think many citizens
would agree on that,” said one concerned citizen we spoke with.

City pets all throughout the city have expressed anger at being fired by their respective relatives, and rightfully so.

“I gave them the best years of my life, only to be treated like some dog when a bill comes up that they are scared of. I believe I’m going to look into some kind of legal representation on this. Grrrrr!” said Pooky, a city councilor’s pet dog.

This is a developing story. Stay with us for updates.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White