With everyone and their mother making meth nowadays, the prices have plummeted to all time lows and that has Sioux Falls Police upset that their bust last week wasn’t as significant as it could have been.

“Yes, we’re aware that meth prices are lower than usual, and that makes us
pretty irked because that six pound bust last week could have been very
significant. Instead it was a little spark that barely made headlines.

People around here thought it was just another day in the life here in
Sioux Falls at the price of $25K,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department
representative we spoke with.

With many citizens not impressed with the price that was seized, they’re
hoping the price soon goes up so that we may boast about it more on the

“So, it was a little bit of meth. Like $25,000 or something? That’s not very
impressive. I know the price is low right now and everyone’s next door
neighbors are making it, but you have to really hope that the prices soon
go up so we can boast more about how awesome our police department is to our friends and relatives on Facebook,” said one citizen we spoke with.

Police are still uncertain of how much more meth is still on the streets, but they’re really hoping it’s over the $25K price tag they just seized.

“We know there’s more on the streets and we’ve tracked it for a long time.
We’re really just waiting for the price of it to go up, so it makes bigger
headlines showing that we rock. Other than that, we just have some measly pot dealers that don’t amount to much,” said the SFPD representative.

Meth continues to plague the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas, but police are slowly catching up!

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White