You’ve likely seen people wearing shorts and sunglasses in the recent high temperatures, so it only makes sense that the area’s largest waterpark would be opening to capitalize!

“We’ve seen some people around town wearing shorts and cutoffs with the recent warm up, so we’re likely looking to open up for a couple days to really serve our customers in a special way! Winter Wild West!” said one representative we spoke with close to the situation.

Temperatures have been on a steady rise, along with days lasting longer and both have been noticeable as of late.

“We’ve seen higher than normal temperatures lately, and with that comes brave souls that believe summer is right around the corner. Since we haven’t gotten a lot of cold weather, we know it’s going to smash into us within the next couple weeks,” said one meteorologist we spoke with.

Wild Water West believes the warm temperatures will bring out the beach
towels a lot earlier despite the meteorologist warnings.

“Summer is basically here, so bring out the beach towels and let’s get
swimming!” said one statement issued by Wild Water West.

Swim suits have also been rumored to be hitting retail shelves soon.

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