The city issued a depressing statement to the public admitting frustration that there are no new snowstorms in the forecast and that future mixed-use buildings will have to wait until more parking tickets are issued.

“It’s a sad day in the city when no new snowstorms are in the forecast. This really puts a damper on our future mixed-use buildings that citizens won’t be able to use and that really upsets us. We’re really hoping to use
your money to fuel the mixed-use boom for tourists this year,” said part of the statement.

Last snowstorm, the city received over $16,000 in parking ticket fines that the Sioux Falls Police Department issued.

“It was a nice boost coming in! I just wish we had more storms on the way,
so we could pay off the current mixed-use buildings we are debt for. We’re going to need a couple bigger storms before we’re able to pay off the millions we shelled out for the new one going up. Mother Nature, if you’re listening, we’re going to need more snow!” said one city representative we spoke with.

The city plans to shell out more cash from wherever they can find it to
build more mixed-use buildings that citizens won’t ever get to use.

“I mean we have two hotels going up in one building! Citizens are so excited to be able to stay in downtown hotels that are a part of our new mixed-use building family. It’s going to be epic!” said another
representative we spoke with.

The best chance Sioux Falls has for snow comes at the end of next week.

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