Many downtown residents are used to random loud bangs during the night, but last night was especially bad for them.

“Me and my family were in the bathtub all night because it sounded like a warzone outside. We’re used to a couple gunshots a night, but last night it sounded like people were getting mowed down,” said one downtown resident we spoke with.

Earlier this year, many in the city believe Sioux Falls was becoming Chicago, and a lot of downtown citizens would have agreed with that statement last night.

“I can only imagine we were just as scared as the people in downtown Chicago. It was probably a very similar situation between cities. Windows lit up, and a warzone outside!” said another downtown citizen we spoke with.

Authorities do want to remind citizens that it is illegal to shoot fireworks off within city limits, unless you pay lots of money to do so.

“Firework displays bring in a ton of money, so we make it a point not to bust them for breaking the law. It’s sort of like when we turn on our lights to run a red light, and then turn our lights off. It’s breaking the law, but it’s cool,” said one SFPD representative we spoke with.

So far, no reports of any gunshot wounds have been reported.

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Adam K. White