Sioux Falls is hiring and their next employee could be you, if you enjoy
dusting off snow covered stoplights!

“We’re calling them light attendants! We’re going to hire hundreds of them
and assign them to certain intersections to sit there in snowstorms and dust off the stoplights in the intersection! We think it’s a very prestigious position with the city and will pay above minimum wage!” said one city official we spoke with.

Since switching to the LED lights, snow is able to gather inside of the
actual stoplight making it very difficult to see what color the light is.

“We didn’t think the old lights had anything good about them. Turns out
they got really hot and prevented snow from gathering inside the light. I
guess we learned the hard way on this one!” said another city official we spoke with.

The city hopes to have a couple of attendants hired before the next
snowstorm hits, and will be raising taxes again to pay salaries.

“We only plan on raising taxes by a couple pennies here and there. We
believe tax money should benefit the lovely citizens of this town, not some
big city corporations thousands of miles away!” said a city official.

The light attendants do not yet have duties assigned in the summer months yet.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White