An independent California company suggests Sioux Falls City Council
funds a large dome around Falls Park to keep people from getting hurt.

“We highly suggest a large, see through dome around Falls Park so that no more people have to be subjected to the dangerousness of this natural wonder. Many countries around the world have invested heavily in domes around their respective natural wonders,” said one inspector we spoke with from the independent California company.

All around the world natural wonders have started to be domed. Just last week, Niagara Falls was rumored to be domed.

“Protecting the public is our number one concern. We plan on doming
anything that could be deemed dangerous. Cigarettes, alcohol, bees, peanut butter, and even gluten have been targeted by society to be domed along with natural wonders,” said one doming expert we spoke with.

City council is currently torn on who will build the dome, but our sources are putting money on either Journey Construction or Journey Construction.

“We’ve been contacted by the city for the future dome project and we have
happily donated one million dollars toward the project. Remember, this does not mean we will get the contract or sway council to pick us,” said one source we spoke with.

More information about the dome funding should be available soon.

This is a developing story.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White