‘Brown Christmas’ usually aren’t the words you want to hear toward the
middle of December, but it looks like that’s what this year is going to bring Sioux Falls.

“I’m not excited for this Christmas simply because we have literally no
snow and I know if we don’t get some soon, it’s going to all fall next April when I’m in the mood for spring and summer!” said one local citizen
we spoke with.

Snowfall from this year has been well below average and temperatures higher than normal.

“I’m happy with the new hotter temperatures here in December, but there is that little worry in the back of my mind that we’re going to get totally annihilated in April or May next year with it,” said another local we spoke with.

It’s been weeks since Sioux Falls was supposed to get the snowstorm to end all snowstorms, but only produced passive aggressive Facebook messages to local meteorologists.

“Okay, so they got one wrong and all the sudden we get NO snow? There’s some kind of conspiracy going on here that the meteorologists are keeping from us. They’re mad that we criticized them on their failed forecasts for that last snow storm, so now we get none!” said one crazed citizen.

Sioux Falls will stay brown for Christmas 2018.

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Adam K. White