Sioux Falls is bringing home another prestigious award right before 2018 ends!

“I seriously cannot believe we’ve won this award. I’ve been dreaming about
putting it up in my office since I was elected. It’s a very special day for
all of us in town,” said a statement released by the mayor’s office.

This is Sioux Falls’ first time being nominated for the award and it couldn’t come at a better time for the city.

“We’re really transforming into a big city, so it’s not surprise we were nominated for this award. Haven’t you ever been to a big city? People there are constantly butthurt that you pass them. It’s why big cities have so
many fast cars. They need the speed to get back around you to go really
slow again,” said one local traffic expert we spoke with.

Citizens are a little hesitant on how the award should be perceived,

“I definitely don’t get butthurt or show my strength or speed when someone passes me. They’re just an ass that needs to go somewhere, but I swear I will end them if they speed up to go around me then slow down when they get in front of me. I’m a proud individual and would never allow that to happen. I would speed up, so they couldn’t get around me,” said one local driver we spoke with.

Sioux Falls looks to end 2018 by pulling in one more award still being
decided until later this month.

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Adam K. White