It’s not cold enough for cool teenagers to wear long pants yet, but one
teen is bucking the trend and has finally decided to buy long pants after
constant criticism.

“I’m honestly just tired of people looking at me like I just murdered a
puppy and having them ask why I’m wearing shorts in winter. It’s gotten
really old, and the kids at school are constantly posting memes about it on
my Facebook,” said one cool teen who bought his first pair of long pants
last week.

Bullying of cool teenagers for wearing shorts in winter temperatures
usually doesn’t hit peak times until later in December, but statistics show it has started earlier this year.

“From our research, we are 2 weeks ahead of the time when teenagers are
usually being criticized for wearing shorts in winter. Most of the time it’s parents and old family members, but now it’s made its way into the
school system, and even to the work place,” said one researcher we spoke

Doctors in the area have also chimed in on teenagers wearing shorts in winter.

“We always recommend that when temperatures dip below freezing, shorts should be stored away until temperatures warm up past the 32-degree mark. Wearing shorts in winter is honestly like murdering a puppy,” said one doctor we spoke with.

The teen got a killer deal on some jeans at Walmart.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White