Yesterday, it was announced that the I-90 Speedway will be reopening and that made the Badlands Speedway owner super jealous.

“How in the hell can some dinky ass speedway in Hartford be open, but no
one has bought mine for 10 billion dollars yet? This is absolutely outrageous, and I’m super pissed off at the community I helped build through my various businesses,” said the statement.

Racing fans across the area rejoiced at the I-90 Speedway announcement but will have to wait until 2019 to know more.

“I just really hope it goes through. I’ve had to resort to making a dirt track in the backyard to run circles in. It’s the closest I’ve been able to get to racing in forever. No person should be withheld from their hobby for that long,” said one racing fan we spoke with.

As the deadline to sell Badlands Speedway approaches the late December date, racing fans seem to grow wearier of it actually becoming a wildlife sanctuary.

“I mean, at least let your former employees live in the area. He screwed them over big time and just left them hanging. The least he could do is give them some land for the crappy things he did to them,” said one citizen.

Badlands is set to become a wildlife sanctuary before 2019.

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Adam K. White