In an announcement Tuesday morning, the city explained how they are currently trying to combat distracted driving and one of their bright ideas is an additional, brighter green light.

“The saying, ‘the light isn’t going to get any greener’ will now be a thing
of the past! Sioux Falls’ lights ARE getting greener. More specifically we
are going to install a super neon green light underneath the current green lights. It’s going to combat distracted driving like we’ve never seen
before,” said one official we spoke with.

With the new addition of the neon green lights, the city hopes distracted
driving figures drop a couple of percent before they roll out their other combat ideas.

“We have tons of ideas past this to combat this distracted driving thing,
but we really believe the greener green light will definitely help for now. After that, who knows!” said the city official.

Citizens have been very skeptical of the idea since it was posted on social

“Does the city really think this is going to help the color-blind Iowa drivers that have no idea what a steering wheel is?” said one Facebook post.

“Distracted driver is another word for out of state driver. Specifically,
the state to the southeast…not naming names here, though,” said another post.

The greener green lights are slated to be installed starting January 2019.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White