Local meteorologists have begun dusting off their old mattresses and setting up camp at their respective studios for the incoming winter storm.

“I got my slippers and my jammies ready at the studio, so that if something happens during the middle of the night, I can break in right out of bed. It’s going to be one hell of a storm, so we always want to be prepared,” said one local meteorologist we spoke with.

Many businesses across the area have started to cancel their respective
events at the advice of the pajama wearing meteorologists.

“My weather person was in his pajamas and told me I should cancel my event, so I’m going to listen to him! I don’t care that he was wearing Captain America on his bottoms, this is their job and they are always correct!” said one local we spoke with.

Retailers in the area have sold completely out of living essentials like
bottled water, bread, and Doritos.

“I went and bought out all the Captain Crunch and Doritos I could find. I’m
hunkering down with an ounce of guilty pleasure, some lotion, and munchies. It’s going to be a great weekend,” said one local we spoke with.

The impending storm expects to completely screw up your weekend plans, so have a backup ready.

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