Local high schoolers have scheduled a protest at the downtown courthouse on Wednesday afternoon to make it known to the adults that there should have been a snow day today.

“It’s not fair. Do adults not see the snow on the ground? How are we
supposed to commute in this stuff? It’s absolutely crazy that school was
not called off! Just goes to show that adults are so out of touch with this
world,” said one text we received from a high schooler scheduling the

Sioux Falls School District officials say they were very close to calling school off today, but the light dusting end up meeting their cancellation criteria in the end.

“We make each decision very carefully based on the information we are provided. We were VERY close to canceling today because we know how delicate high schoolers are, and we’ve seen how they drive on regular roads with no snow,” said a statement release from the SFSD.

The light dusting sparked many adults to call in sick to work to avoid other drivers.

“Honestly, I’m thinking about putting bumpers all around my car with how
crappy the drivers are in this city nowadays. No one knows what a blinker is, no one looks at their mirrors, and everyone is from out of town. It’s super annoying,” said one adult we spoke with.

The high schoolers plan on annoying people into signing a petition to get a
snow day within the next month.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White