Many restaurants in the area have been having bad experiences with new food delivery service “Bite Squad” and now the company has announced they will be breaking the knees of restaurants who refuse their drivers placing orders.

“It’s all about the customer, dammit. Doesn’t anyone think about them anymore? We have sent warning messages out to all non-partnered restaurants who choose not to carry our service. Our drivers will place an order or else,” said one representative.

After the initial launch of Bite Squad in Sioux Falls, the service boasted 20+ restaurants who were a part of their food delivery service. The alarming part was that they soon boasted 2,000 over the next week.

“We have never even talked to that company, let alone choose to use their service. Apparently, we are on their list of restaurants. They’re super deceptive and bogging down our take-out order service. I’ve even seen some drivers dress up in different clothing throughout the night, so that we don’t recognize them as Bite Squad drivers,” said one restaurant owner we spoke with.

Local citizens believe the Minneapolis-based company has gotten out of control with their charges and service fees, as well.

“They charged me 25% AND a fee to bring me some spaghetti from Olive Garden. It was cold, and the guy probably made it at his house, then put it in an Olive Garden box and bagged it in a crumbled-up bag. When I argued with him, he called me a liar and left,” said one local citizen who has used Bite Squad once.

Bite Squad was not available for comment on their deceptive business practices and currently hold a “We Don’t Care What You Think” on the Better Business Bureau.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White