Mayor Paul TenHaken has entered a dangerous trade war with the Iowa state government who has not been paying Sioux Falls their ‘terrible Iowan driver taxes.’

“For too long Sioux Falls has been at the receiving end of terrible drivers
from Iowa for little to no tax coming in from their government. Today, I am
proposing a tax increase for terrible Iowan drivers on Sioux Falls streets,” read a press release.

Iowa has long evaded paying taxes to Sioux Falls for the spread of their
terrible drivers, and now it seems local government has had enough.

“I know my Sioux Falls brothers and sisters are ready to fight this trade
war. We have all been treated unfairly by Iowan drivers not letting us over into a lane we really need to get into, or by making us late for work. This ends NOW!” said one citizen we spoke with.

City Council began the trade war by looking into real matters effecting Sioux Falls citizens like fires on the sidewalk downtown and zoning specifications.

“Okay, so we now have fire on sidewalks. It was a really big issue for almost all citizens of this city. We’re doing our best to get this trade war started off on the right foot. That foot was to make it cool for people to start fires on sidewalks downtown. Huge issue at hand here,” said one city councilor we spoke with.

It remains unclear what taxes will go up to for the Iowa state government,
but we know that you should save your 5 clicks on the Argus website for
more information on this.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White