Gone are the days where all five students in the northwest quadrant of the city will have to drive to school!

“The northwest side of town has been long forgotten in almost every way possible! Everyone is always going on and on about the south side of town, but the northwest has plenty to offer as well!” said one student we spoke

It’s said that the school will be completed by the end of 2021, but we all know construction crews don’t work that quickly.

“We’re working very diligently with construction crews from all over to see who is the cheapest and who is the quickest. Obviously we want this done quickly to relieve pressure from the other high schools, but we don’t want to be super cheap looking like Lincoln,” said one representative close to the situation.

The school district has released no word on if metal detectors or guard
dogs will be present at the new school to deter dangerous situations from

“Ideally, we would like turrets set up on top of the school, and guard dogs
in every room. We just don’t have the funding at this time. With the recent
threat against Roosevelt, we’re working very hard to see what precautions a new school could have in it,” said one representative.

The school district is also worried about naming it.

“Well we already have Jefferson on another school. So it could possibly be a more recent president! Trump or Obama High School maybe?” said the

There is still ongoing work to secure land for a new middle school, as

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Adam K. White