Monday, the attorney for the former fire chief released a statement
claiming Jim Sideras believes the downtown art statue Sasquatch is believed to elusively gained accessed and looked up some naughty things on Sideras’ computer.

“We’re exploring all possibilities into how Sasquatch would have gotten access into the accused computer while he was in Texas, while logging into a secret email while on a work trip in Texas, while Sasquatch was here in Sioux Falls. It’s probably the most elusive, elaborate scheme ever created. It’s a real piece of art,” said a representative close to the situation.

It’s believed Sasquatch had access to vital information within the Sioux Falls Fire Department, and would have been able to search for naughty stuff on the chief’s defenseless computer.

“We’re told the password for the computer was SFFD123. So that’s not very clever, first off. Secondly, Sasquatch hasn’t even been here that long,” said the representative.

It’s very clear the defense is desperately looking for something that could be used to shield them from the truth.

“He got caught, plain and simple. It’s really not difficult when you’ve got
all the information pointing straight to the accused. It’s been forever,
and it shouldn’t have lasted this long,” said one local citizen we spoke

Trial is scheduled for the week of November 26, with jury selection happening on November 19.

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Adam K. White