Move out of the way, “non-touching tips” monument! There’s a new statue going up in downtown Sioux Falls!

“It’s an homage to the blind intersections we have downtown. It’s going to be a really tall white cane, you know, like how blind people use. We plan on putting it near one of our famous blind intersections, where you’ll be able to park right next to a stop sign, but only 2 ways will have stop signs,” said one representative we spoke with.

The news came early Monday morning about the new monument and it has gone completely viral with Twitter users from all over chiming in.

“This place is seriously proud of their blind intersections? #StopInTheNameOfCrashes” said one Twitter user.

“Thank goodness blind people won’t actually be able to see a giant walking
stick monument. They’d finally be thankful to be blind.” said one Facebook comment.

“Sioux Falls is building a big stick and calling it art. What next? A monument that goes across the river but doesn’t touch?” said another Twitter user.

The Rotary Club will begin soliciting donations for the giant white cane soon, but would like to find a good enough blind intersection to put it at.

“People will travel from all over to see it. It’s really going to be the best thing since we came up with the “non-touching tips” monument. That has attracted so many visitors.

The monument is planned for a 2022 opening.

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Adam K. White