Sioux Falls City Council is going above and beyond to make sure every citizen of Sioux Falls knows the dangers of moving trains by creating a fence around the large transports.

“We really need citizens to know the dangers of sitting on railroad tracks. The accident that happened yesterday could have been avoided if that train had a fence around it. It’s such a sad day when fences are missing from dangers in this world,” said one anonymous official we spoke with.

Yesterday, a super silent and sneaky train collided with a car that was stopped on the railroad tracks near 26th Street and Southeastern Ave.

“Luckily, no one was injured. The train was super duper quiet and totally snuck up on the driver. They literally took their eyes off the train for 2 seconds and after that, it just hit them….but very silently. If the train had a fence around it and signs everywhere, this tragic event could have been avoided,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department official we spoke with.

City officials are currently looking into fencing off other dangers that have appeared in Sioux Falls over the past couple years, as they investigate trains now.

“We have looked into fencing off ice on sidewalks, parking lots, and some large mounds of snow. We’re also looking into some dog breeds that will need fences around them too. Safety literally has no bounds!” said the anonymous city official.

Sioux Falls is ready to lead the safety bubble into a place where no fences exist.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White