While the event was not cancelled or delayed at all, it was an interesting
site at a nearby “Trunk or Treat” event when a stranger showed up with no candy or children.

“I found it very odd that this gentleman showed up to my local ‘Trunk or Treat’ event and just sat their with his trunk open and nothing in it. He was very proud of the trunk, but I’m still so confused,” said one local parent we spoke with.

Early reports from the Sioux Falls Police Department are claiming the
stranger was a local car collector who was just there to show off his ‘awesome trunk.’

“We reached out to the gentleman about what his intentions were, be it sex trafficking, drugs, etc. He said he was just there because it was a, ‘treat
for everyone to see his trunk.’ Our unit did look at his trunk, and it was
pretty marvelous,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative we spoke with.

The collector is believed to be attending “Trunk or Treat” events because car shows slow down in the fall and winter months.

“It’s really tough to show off my cars in the autumn and winter time. Not
many collectors have their cars out and about, so I took advantage of the situation! My trunk IS really a treat and I believe people really saw how
special collecting can be,” said the car collector.

The collector says he plans on attending multiple “Trunk or Treat” events later tonight.

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Adam K. White