A group of Iowan drivers have announced Tuesday morning that they intend to lobby Sioux Falls City Council for ‘Iowan driving lanes’ in Sioux Falls.

“The time is now to have our own lane in Sioux Falls. Long forgotten are the days when Sioux Falls safely shared the roads with our native Iowan brothers and sisters. An Iowan driving lane will not only make a safe space for Iowans to drive in, but also peace of mind when they get on the road that they will not be bullied by big city folk in Sioux Falls,” said one representative we spoke with.

Most Sioux Falls citizens are expressing concern about the driving lane, though.

“What exactly do they expect we do? Reconstruct all of our roads to cater
to their crappy driving? The roads already go right up to my doorstep, if this lane goes in, they’re going to have to knock my house down!” said one local we spoke with.

City Council has not yet made up their mind on the matter, as voting seems
split among the public officials.

“At this time we’re split on the issue. One side would like to give local resources to outside entities, and the other half believes outside entities should not be influencing where local funds should be going,” said one anonymous official close to the situation.

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