It was a long time coming, but DTSF has finally created the ‘Uptown’ area of downtown Sioux Falls.

“It’s a great atmosphere that we’ve created downtown. That whole ‘super rich, but still dress like a homeless person’ vibe you’re seeing everywhere. That was us. It’s really got a Minneapolis-feel to it and we love it,” said one representative close to the subject.

Many Sioux Falls citizens have absolutely no idea what it is, but they love the song about it, so they’re interested.

“Yeah the Bruno Mars song about an Uptown is my jam. I’m all for having
that Uptown area so we can all get our funk on and look like homeless
people,” said one local teenager we spoke with.

Other citizens aren’t so sure about what an Uptown has to offer the downtown area.

“I love the new additions to downtown, but why do we need an Uptown when it’s an increasingly difficult time getting people downtown. You’re just going to turn people around and confuse them. Uptown, downtown, Uptown, downtown. It sounds like you’re putting in a cheat code for a videogame. Keep it simple,” said one local we spoke with.

We’re still finding out details on what exactly DTSF has in store for Uptown, but we’re sure there will be $10 cupcakes, a brewery, a Verizon store, a Sanford clinic, and a Holiday gas station.

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