A huge victory for Sioux Falls drivers as city officials turned away the giant Iowan caravan that was headed to Sioux Falls this past weekend.

“We had a lot of information on when the caravan would be at our gates. We thought they would be here this past weekend, but they drove slower than we anticipated, making them late,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative we spoke with.

It’s still unclear as to why the Iowan caravan was headed to Sioux Falls, but many are speculating that they came to eat, shop, and drive slowly in front of Sioux Falls citizens.

“We need to accept these people waving other state flags that want to come to our city to eat, shop, and drive slowly in front of us. It’s part of being a Sioux Fallsite!” said one local we spoke with.

Many others were very glad the caravan was sent back to Sioux City.

“They’re in charge in Sioux City, that doesn’t mean they get a free ride to come here to Sioux Falls and ruin us. Eat, shop, and drive slowly in your own damn city!” said another citizen we spoke with.

The Iowan caravan is said to make it back to Sioux City slower than anticipated.

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