Downtown Sioux Falls continues the crazy year of awards, this time bringing in the very prestigious award of “Most Scenic Place To Go Wrong Direction On One Way Street.”

“We’re very proud to bring home another award! As everyone knows, the downtown area is full of one-way streets and blind intersections. So we
pride ourselves on exactly that. Being blind, and going the wrong direction,” said one city representative we spoke with.

City officials that have been all about improving the downtown scene, were
very excited to hear about the latest award.

“I’ve approved literally everything that’s come to my desk regarding the
improvements of downtown, no matter how sketchy the background of it is. It’s just a great time to be living in Sioux Falls, and especially in the downtown area where we continue to be blind and go the wrong direction,” said one city official we spoke with.

The city also revealed plans to make more intersections blind in coming years.

“Well, we’re looking at parking super big construction equipment where four-way stops are, the big cranes everywhere, and putting in more parking spots literally right up against four-way stops. We believe that’ll keep us at the top for the time being!” said the city official we spoke with.

This is the first time downtown Sioux Falls has won the prestigious award.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White