Hunters might have more trouble distinguishing pheasants from other hunters in the fields this year.

“I think that it definitely adds a challenge to hunting. I see a lot of
hunters that look exactly like a pheasant wearing glasses and a mustache,” said one local hunter we spoke with.

Local animal activists are praising the pheasants for finally taking a stand on human hunting.

“We’re very proud of our local pheasants. It’s really no surprise that South Dakota pheasants are leading the way here. How great is it that we are once again leading the nation in something?” said one local animal activist who smelled like fried chicken after protesting in a KFC all morning.

Makers of Groucho Glasses have noticed an uptick around mid October in recent years, but were never guessing that pheasants were the ones that were buying them.

“We make these makes with the intention of a person to become completely disguised from their usual look. It’s nice to see animals are now buying them, as well! We might have to expand our operations a little more,” said one make of Groucho Glasses.

The local pheasants originally tried changing their names to canaries, but that did not deter hunters from still shooting away.

It’s also unclear what the size of the order was.

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Adam K. White