In an attempt to get back in good graces with Sioux Falls citizens, the
Badlands owner has released a plan to bring in Trader Joe’s and In-N-Out
Burger to the Sioux Falls region.

“I’m looking at a dual location in between Brandon and Sioux Falls. I know of some land that has been forgotten for far too long in that area, and it seems like a great location!” said one representative close to the

It’s unclear the timetable put on this outrageous idea, but a lot of Sioux
Falls residents welcome it with open arms.

“I always liked him. He’s done so much for the area. I’m so stoked for some Trader Joe’s Mac ‘N Cheese. Just hearing about it makes me hungry! Now I can get my overpriced groceries along with an overrated burger in the same place!” said one local citizen we spoke with.

Others are super skeptical about the whole ordeal and anything related to
the Badlands owner.

“This whole thing screams fake news. You can’t exact believe everything you see on the internet nowadays. Back in my day, you believed everything in the paper because it was written by people with integrity. Now every blogger out there thinks they are a reputable news source,” said one local news skeptic.

Sioux Falls continues to be an absolute barren wasteland where no Trader Joe’s or In-N-Out can be found.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White