It was a rare sight this past weekend, but Sioux Falls reported at least one driver from Iowa who was actually went the speed limit while snow was falling.

“We tagged their car and watched from there. The speed limit was followed at all times during the snowfall. We’re just as surprised as everyone else. We all had bets on how much slower they would go. I lost $10 on my under 10 miles per hour bet,” said one Sioux Falls Police Department representative we spoke with.

While local drivers dread seeing license plates from other states in the snow, the most terrifying by a long shot is seeing an Iowan driver near you when road conditions are bad.

“Iowans do tend to frighten a lot of our Sioux Falls drivers. We’re not sure if it’s the person behind the wheel, or if it’s the license plate colors. More psychological testing probably needs to be done on it,” said the SFPD representative.

Some locals have even reported Iowan drivers in their dreams, that slowly turn to nightmares.

“I had a dream that a lion was chasing me through a large, open field and then this Iowan driver got in front of me and drove really slow! I was eaten by the lion because the Iowan didn’t go the freaking speed limit!” said one local we spoke with.

Iowan drivers continue to be the bane of Sioux Falls driver’s existence.

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Adam K. White