With new buildings being literally flown in overnight to different parts of the city, Minnesota Avenue continues to have businesses die and the city plans to do something about it.

“We’ve all donated $10 each here at City Hall for the business gravestones
that will now be on either side of Minnesota Avenue where flourishing
businesses used to thrive. It’s going to be such a bittersweet thing for
us,” said one city representative.

Gravestones will be purchased from a local Halloween shop and the abandoned buildings will all be torn down to make way for the scenic graveyard drive to downtown.

“It’s going to be very similar to how the drive to Falls Park is from downtown. Now we’ll have a graveyard sight AND an awful smell drive to Falls Park! It’s a really magical time to be in Sioux Falls,” said the city representative.

While many believe city council to be wasting time approving sketchy skyscrapers downtown and wanting fencing around a natural wonder to put money toward existing problems that aren’t being addressed on Minnesota Avenue.

“Minnesota Avenue used to be the place to be, now it’s a construction zone that never stops and crumbling buildings. It’s really sad that everyone is choosing new sketchy multipurpose buildings than existing buildings on
Minnesota Avenue,” said one local citizen we spoke with.

Minnesota Avenue construction looks to be completed in the next 40 years.

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