In a shocking announcement released Tuesday, Badlands Motor Speedway owner Chuck Brennan said he will be tearing down the motor speedway in Brandon and making it a sanctuary for his former employees.

“It’s the least I can do for them! I’m a pretty great guy and I believe this sanctuary for my former employees shows just that. I can’t wait to get started on it as I’m sure they’re all still unemployed after burning bridges to join my pawn shop,” said a representative close to the situation.

A massive 74 acres in prime Minnehaha county will be a great location for the former Brennan employees, which is especially close to a growing Brandon.

“I’m very excited to have that dirt torn out for a nice former employee
sanctuary. It’s going to be like living like an animal for a little while, but they’re used to it after working for Badlands,” said a resident of Brandon who lives near the future sanctuary.

The motor speedway failed to attract any bidders at an auction last month and continues to sit idly while some race fans are growing angrier at the

“I spent my whole childhood there. Where the hell else am I supposed to
take my kids to see racing like I did when I was a kid? Everyone knows the racing on TV is setup like wrestling is!” said one race fan we spoke with.

We reached out to some former employees that will be moving to the
sanctuary but have not received any call backs.

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Adam K. White