Launching a new attack on the residents of Sioux Falls, the Argus Leader announced early Tuesday morning that they have come out with a new revenue stream.

“It’s 30 cents for the first month of driving by the building, which is a savings of 97%. After that it goes up to $26.00 per month. We think it’s a great deal! It’s another great monthly subscription that consumers can add to their repertoire!” said one Argus Leader sales representative we spoke with.

Many Sioux Falls residents are hesitant about the deal, though.

“I drive by there every day! There’s no way they can charge me to drive by the building! That’ll cost me a fortune and there’s no way I’m going around! It’s not that hard to let me by for free!” said one angry Sioux Falls resident we spoke with.

Others are worried about a growing residential downtown population that will be pulled into the deal by living so close to the building.

“I live downtown, and this deal is going to be terrible for me. I almost HAVE TO do it. Especially since I eat at Five Guys like, 3 times a day,” said one downtown resident we spoke with.

It is not known if Sioux Falls Fire Rescue will be exempt while driving fire engines by.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White