A huge milestone for the nerdom of Sioux Falls! SiouxperCon celebrated seven women in attendance over the course of the event this past weekend!

“It’s a huge deal! It’s not every day you have seven women who voluntarily go to a convention like this. Usually their boyfriends or husbands drag them to it as payback for having to sit through all the clothes shopping they have to sit through,” said one SiouxperCon organizer we spoke with.

The number absolutely SHATTERED the past record of five in attendance, which happened in 2014.

“Oh yeah. We completely dismantled the old record from 2014. To go from five to seven is a HUGE jump in numbers of women attending our event. We hope that in another couple years we hit the double digit mark,” said the organizer.

As numbers steadily rise for the convention, so will the women attending.

“Our research says that women really want to dress up in cosplay for the event, but are terrified by all the male neckbeard gawkers that attend these events. We’re working hard to drop that stereotype, but it hasn’t happened quite yet,” said the organizer.

The seven women are rumored to dress up in original cosplay next year with the title of, “The SiouxperCon Seven”.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White