Political discussion has made its way into every day discussion with social
media and constant news coverage, but election time is never thought of a holiday.

“I absolutely live for elections and the days leading up to them. My hobby is to argue with people about politics. I love it. I’m a huge Twitter person and need to argue about what’s on everyone else’s mind, as well as my own,” said one local political arguer.

It can be a difficult time for some, but for these local arguers, they will
argue this is more important than Christmas.

“It’s obviously better than any other holiday! I would argue that it’s the
most important thing in your daily living. If anyone wants to argue about
it, I’ll be on Twitter. Come at me. I’ll tell you what to think about the election and politics affecting you,” said another local arguer we got into an argument with.

Twitter and other social media outlets have given local arguers a platform
to tell others what to believe and how to think about politics.

“Free thought has gone completely out the door. Everyone has an agenda and everyone thinks they are better than you. They’ll tell you what to think of something, rather than give you information to formulate thought for yourself. It’s a crazy world of manipulation out there right now,” said one local psychologist we spoke with.

Get out and vote, but vote logically, not emotionally.

The Sioux Falls Headliner
Adam K. White