“This is not a game, Mr. Brennan,” said a local chicken we spoke with.

The Badlands Motor Speedway failed to be auctioned off for trillions over the weekend, and the owner is blaming chicken games for it.

“The auction started promptly and none of the bidders would “Go First”. That’s right, a good ol’ fashion round of “South Dakota Chicken” got underway and everyone was standing their ground,” said a statement from Badlands Motor Speedway.

But, local chickens are not having it. They’re very upset to be lumped in with Badlands management.

“Can you believe these people lumped all chickens into this failure? I just don’t even know where to begin after reading that statement from them. Blaming chickens for failed business is not the way to go about things,” said one local chicken we spoke with.

Despite the speedway still not being sold, the price seems to still be way higher than ever imagined for some dirt in a circle shape.

“Every bidder knew every detail of the transaction including the starting minimum nominal bid of $3,150,00.00 to get things going,” said the statement.

We’re still not sure how bidding began at $3.15 million, then was “price cut” to $6.3 million after being listed at $9.45 million.

Not surprising I don’t get it though, I was never good at math or auctions…or appraising dirt tracks.

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Adam K. White