In a surprising move, the city is looking into building another arena so that large artists can continue breaking records.

“We built this one knowing we were going to be getting bigger concerts, but we feel like it’s time to upgrade to a bigger arena to get larger artists! This one is pretty outdated now,” said one Premier Center representative.

Metallica is said to have had more than 12,000 fans in attendance, which broke Carrie Underwood’s previous record set in October of 2016.

“It’s very obvious every 2 years we break a record, so if we get the ball rolling right now, we’ll have a brand new arena to break a record in 2020!” said the Premier Center representative.

The city is looking at putting another arena in the same vicinity as the current 2 we have.

“We obviously want it close to the current 2 that we have so that we can schedule events at the same time like usual. Maybe we can take the parking lot out and build it there! We’re going to look into it. We don’t need that parking there,” said the Premier Center representative.

It’s still unclear on who the Argus Leader will have to sue to get more information on this project.

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