A huge win for the Taco Tuesday®! Taco John’s has been voted the best place to grab Mexican food in the Sioux Empire for the first year!

“It’s an honor to beat out all the other Mexican restaurants in town because we’ve worked so hard on perfecting our Potato Oles® and annoying commercials that air during sporting events and on the radio. Ole® the day®!” said one Taco John’s representative we spoke with.

It comes as no surprise the local citizens chose Taco John’s as their favorite Mexican joint, as they are one of not many food choices at 2 a.m.

“Whenever I’m craving a taco, Taco John’s is there for me. It’s like they are my spirit animal. One that I can go to and ask for a taco and some Oles® and go home to pass out in bed,” said one local we spoke with.

Taco John’s has made headline news lately with large expansion moves, and upgrades to existing stores.

“We’re really channeling that Ole® money into our stores. With citizens basically ready to pay any sort of cash for them, it’s no surprise that we’re basically everywhere in the city,” said the Taco John’s representative.

Taco John’s operates at least 32 or more restaurants in the Sioux Falls area.

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Adam K. White