The rumors are completely true. Sanford has pulled out a complete overhaul of their legal team, increasing the size over a nine month span.

“We’re really looking to hire locally and we’re also hoping to give a nice thrust to the job market in the Sioux Falls area,” said one representative.

Sanford has benefited from a juicy, long tenure from management staff, and has since offered more bonuses to staff.

“That’s correct! Management were using front door access, and other staffers in the back door. But, now everyone is offered back AND front door service!” said another Sanford representative.

It seems that Sanford is bending over for their staff in unusual ways, as Christmas bonuses are being distributed months in advance.

“A lot of women received pearl necklaces, other received massage time at the local spa. Most of the men received cash bonuses, or golf exclusives! It’s been a great year for everyone here,” said one Sanford representative we spoke with.

Christmas bonuses are said to be valued between $300,000 and $400,000 over a nine-month period.

Sanford employees have long waited for management to escort out their bonuses.

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