A stampede of a report was released early Friday morning outlining Skittles’ displeasure at not getting paid for his image use all over Facebook profile pictures.

“I originally saw a flag waving around with my likeness on it, so naturally I went on the internet and researched this whole ‘image use without permission’ thing. What kind of buffalo crap is this?!” said Skittles the buffalo.

The image has been very popular as of late, and royalties have not been given to the rightful owner of the image.

“Someone drew a portrait of me and started plastering it all over the internet. I’ve been called viral and everything. Doesn’t the internet give out money for this kind of thing? What about those kids on Youtube?” asked Skittles.

Many South Dakota communities have rallied around the picture, but many of them forget that it’s actual a portrait of a real buffalo.

“I had no idea it was a real buffalo! How crazy is that?! I wouldn’t have even noticed had no one told me. It’s just awesome that something like this could be real! I’m stoked!” said one local we spoke with.

Skittles the buffalo has been rumored to be seeking legal help to start royalties rolling in for his image use.

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Adam K. White