It was announced Friday morning that Old Chicago is looking to return to Sioux Falls after recent shootings in the city.

“We’re very interested in making a return to the Sioux Falls area after hearing that crime has risen in the last couple months. We’re actually looking at the ‘Little Chicago’ area in downtown!” said the owner.

Earlier this week, we brought you a story of the city parking tanks around the city to discourage from becoming Chicago, but the restaurant is definitely wanting everyone to embrace the Chicago mentality.

“We’re very fond of the Chicago way. It’s the one thing that’s peaking our interest back into Sioux Falls! Who doesn’t love beer, pizza, and a little bit of crime here and there?” asked the owner.

Little Chicago, located in the downtown area, has been looking for new attractions for some now and seems to be latching onto the idea that Old Chicago can be an anchor restaurant.

“We’re so excited to get more Chicagoan style places to come to Little Chicago. It’s awesome for the area, and for our crime!” said one Little Chicago resident.

Old Chicago continues to look for a venue located in or near Little Chicago/downtown.

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